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Eastern European Countries + RUSSIA (WPA Zone 10) Webinar “GETTING STARTED WITH THE MAJOR PSYCHOSES”, 27th June 2020, 12-4 PM GMT, = 3-7 PM Moscow time.

N.B. We consider all your applications via email. Please, kindly, wait for the zoom link, as it will be sent only AFTER ALL THE PARTICIPANTS WILL BE REGISTERED.

Dear colleagues,
It’s a great pleasure to invite you to the Webinar “GETTING STARTED WITH THE MAJOR PSYCHOSES”, 27th June 2020, via ZOOM App.
The Webinar is a new beginning of the series of WEB-IN-Mental Health-ar online-ZOOM events for the clinicians and educators in the field of psychiatry.
This First upcoming Webinar is the platform to meet such leading experts in the field of Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia research as
Prof. Kostas Fountoulakis (Greece),
Prof. Dina Popovic (Israel, Barcelona),
Prof. Allan Young (UK),
Prof. Carol Taminga (US).
Prof. Afzal Javed (UK), the World Psychiatric Association President Elect, will also say his introductory words about the Webinar.

The WEB-IN-Mental Health-ar is organized for mental health professionals working in the institutions of Eastern European countries and, in particular, Russia, under the auspices of the World Psychiatric Association (WPA Zone 10), Russian Society of Psychiatrists (Section on the International Affairs) and International Society of Neurobiology & Psychopharmacolgy.

The aim of these sessions is to provide a global and comprehensive update of the newest developments in neurobiology, psychopharmacology, treatment guidelines and person-centered care of mental disorders. The strategic approach of the lecturers is to avoid content-free eloquence and authority and to face hard questions on the base of research findings.

During the upcoming webinar you will have a unique opportunity not just to listen to the lectures of the experts in the field of Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia research, but also directly to discuss your questions during Q&A sessions. The webinar "Getting started with the major psychoses" is the first one in the series, preplanned by the collaborative team of well-known lecturers.
Please, see the Brochure for the details of the Program.

The language of the webinar is English.
Participation in the webinar is free, but limited by the number of 500 professionals.
Register in advance via e-mail of the Organizing Committee: daria.smirnova.md.phd@gmail.com
1. Send an email with the topic WEBINAR27062020 and the information about yourself (full name, affiliations, residence in English).
2. Receive your ZOOM App link to join the event in response to your application via email, wait for the link as it will be sent AFTER ALL THE PARTICIPANTS WILL BE REGISTERED.
3. Get your e-Certificate of attendance after the event.
On behalf of the organizing committee

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