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Join the ECNP Traumatic Stress Network


The #ECNP Traumatic Stress Network (TSN), chaired by Prof. Zohar (Israel) and Prof. Vermetten (The Netherlands), is looking for early-career scientists as new members.

To learn about the TSN, click here and to learn about current research projects read here.

Terror induced stress and Secondary prevention of PTSD are the key research topics of the Network this days.

In 2020 Risk Management of Terrorism Induced Stress - Guidelines for the Golden Hours (Who, What and When) textbook was published.

Currently, we are working on the development of the Website and Mobile App with the Guideline (Chapter 9 of the Book above, pages 185-192), and we are looking for volunteers to translate the content of the Guideline for the open access website in as many languages as possible. 

If you are interested, please email and fill in the contact list


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